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Mon 2/21 to Friday 2/25 (5 days a week): 7 pm to 8 pm

Session Dates

This Python class will introduce students to the fundamentals of python including different kinds of loops and functions. Students will use, a free ide that is online and easy to use. Students enrolled in this class will have the opportunity to use their problem-solving skills and will be guided by outstanding teachers.

About Class

Topics Covered in Intro Group:


- Print Statements

- Errors - syntax, runtime, logic

- Commenting

- Data types - str, int, bool, float

- Variables  - naming restrictions, uses and application

- Arithmetic operations

- String concatenation

- Inputs

- Lists and Sets

- Conditionals

- Logical operators

- Methods

- Functions

- For and While Loops

Class Structure:

In the beginning of the session, the students will be placed into two separate groups based on the student's past experiences with Python. The groups will be called Intro and Intermediate Python. 

- No prior knowledge needed, but they must be excited to learn!


- Computer with access to Internet

- Google Classroom

- A physical or digital notebook where you can take notes on (optional, but highly recommended)

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