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Summer Program Collaboration with MissionInspired


During the summer of 2023, our organization collaborated with MissionInspired, another organization that hosts free classes, and together, we hosted 5 classes: Intro to Python, Intro to Java, Algebra 1, Biotechnology, and Public Speaking!

In this post, I will describe the specifics of each of the classes that our 83 enrolled students learned, and make sure to stick to the end because I'll share a resource where you can sign up for more interesting classes!

Intro to Python

In this class, students were introduced to the fundamentals of Python, one of the most popular and easiest programming languages out there. From listing out basic print statements to creating functions, they used to implement the concepts they learned to write their own code. Within only 4 weeks, they became more proficient in the language and were able to build a project from scratch at the end of the program.

Intro to Java

In this class, students learned the basics of one of the harder programming languages - Java. First, they learned how to display a message on the console, and then, they moved on to iteration with loops. Compared to Python's syntax, Java's is much more complicated because it is less intuitive!

You can see the difference here:



But our students didn't let Java's complicated syntax stop them from moving on. They used what they learned to solve difficult homework problems and build their own projects!

Algebra 1

Algebra is one of the most important math skills, and it lays an essential foundation for students' mathematical journey. In just one month of dedicated learning, students were exposed to fundamental algebra skills such as functions, quadratic equations, systems of equations, and more! At the end of class each day, they solved challenging word problems to apply the skills they acquired to real-world scenarios.


Biotechnology is a rapidly growing field and has a wide range of applications from developing innovative medical treatments to improving food quality. In 1-hour classes, students learned about the functions of CRISPR gene editing and the potential ethical considerations associated with manipulating genetic information, providing them with a glimpse into the exciting world of biotechnology.

Public Speaking

While it's important to have technical skills in your toolkit, it's also important to communicate your ideas to others. Job interviews don't just care about what you know; they're interested in how you project your knowledge to the company.

In this class, students acquired public speaking skills that are applicable to not only competitive settings but also to job market settings. On the competition side, they learned how to write a compelling speech and deliver arguments clearly. On the job market side, they learned basic interview skills like appearing confident to the interviewer and answering questions smoothly.


If you're reading this part of the post, then I want to thank you so much for your time! As a gift, I'll provide you with a resource where you can sign up for a variety of classes.

Anyways, I hope you have a great rest of your day 🙂!

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