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Welcome to TeachingTech4Kids

TeachingTech4Kids is an educational nonprofit organization that provides programming and math tutoring to elementary, middle, and high school students free of charge.  

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Painted Desk

Learn from the comfort of your home!

Classes will be held virtually, providing a convenient way for students to learn free of charge!

Quote from Student

" I love this class. It is very fun, we do coding activities all the time. " 

- Tahmid M.


Our Mission

We are an educational non-profit organization that teaches math and prtogramming skills via virtual classes. New fields in the 21st century are becoming more in demand in the job market because technology is growing rapidly. Our mission is to teach young kids the essential skills needed to be successful in the future.

General Class Description


We will have 1 to 2 instructors in each class.


Classes will be held in Discord and we will send an invitation to the student's email or you can join through this link 

MAX CLASS SIZE: 15 students

For any questions, email us at



All of our classes are completely free!

Quote from Student

"I enjoyed the class because it was amazingly put together, and the teachers were very nice!" 

-Amogh S.

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