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This Java class will introduce students to the fundamentals of Object oriented programming in java including different kinds of loops and functions. Students will use, a free ide that is online and easy to use. Students enrolled in this class will have the opportunity to use their problem-solving skills and will be guided by outstanding teachers.

About Class

Topics Covered :


- Print Statements

- Errors - syntax, runtime, logic

- Commenting

- Data types - str, int, bool, float

- Variables  - naming restrictions, uses and application

- Arithmetic operations

- String concatenation

- Inputs

- Lists and Sets

- Conditionals

- Logical operators

- Methods

- Functions

- For and While Loops

Class Structure:

In the beginning of the session, the students will learn about the basics of java and later work on a separate project on their own with the guidance of the instructors 

- No prior knowledge needed, but they must be excited to learn!


- Computer with access to Internet

- Google Classroom

- A physical or digital notebook where you can take notes on (optional, but highly recommended)

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